With partners, the company also unveils new products

Brocade Communications on Wednesday introduced Brocade One, its unified networking strategy and architecture. Introduced by John McHugh, chief marketing officer for Brocade at the company’s Technology Day in New York City, Brocade One is the vision for data center, campus, edge and public and private cloud computing. It includes data center hosting and uses VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Oracle hypervisors and integrates IBM, Dell, HP, Oracle and Fujitsu servers. Brocade One protects data center networks with Symantec, McAfee and RSA and stores data on EMC, NetApp and Hitach Data Systems storage.

The Brocade One is Brocade’s journey to the cloud for highly virtualized environments. Under a single management domain, Brocade One is able to deliver a services-on demand state enabled through the cloud.

Brocade One includes several new products and technologies, among them Virtual Cluster Switching and several new line cards and blades for its NetIron MLX Series of MPLS-enabled routers and DCX Backbone family of Fibre Channel SAN solutions.

VCS allows users to construct a non-spanning tree enabled, multi-path deterministic fabric that is lossless and has low latency. It supports a cluster size of 1,000 10Gbit ports and supports multi-hop Fibre Channel over Ethernet. Virtual machines can connect directly to VCS and migration occurs automatically. An entire VCS cluster can be managed as a single switch using the Brocade Network Advisor management console.

VCS provides for a masterless and distributed control plane and provides continuous synchronization of state, status and configuration information for virtual machines, network and storage policies. VCS is expected to be available this year.

VCS is built on Data Center Bridging technologies for network convergence and supports the IETF standard Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL), which provides an efficient method for moving data between tiers of storage.

Brocade One is Brocade’s attack against rival Cisco’s UCS, which has alienated many of the company’s system and storage OEM partners. According to McHugh, In Brocade One is Brocade’s vision of ‘the network is the data center.’ It is also Brocade’s bid to get back into the enterprise data center.

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