Scales to petabytes with unified SAN and NAS functionality

February 25, 2014

Nimbus Data on Tuesday announced its new Gemini X-series all Flash array targeted for enterprises and service providers. The system provides a petabyte of capacity within a half rack of space and a single name space. The Gemini X-series features deduplication and compression, full data and metadata checksums, snapshots and replication for data protection. The system features redundant components with no single-point-of-failure and non-disruptive component maintenance.

The X-series consists of two building blocks, the Flash Directors and the Flash Nodes. The Flash Directors are deployed in pairs for redundancy and combines a non-blocking 320Gbps RDMA switch with up to 40 user-configurable ports for connectivity. Flash Director virtualizes storage capacity across the cluster into a single namespace and provides load-balancing and management of the system. The Gemini X96 and X48 Flash Nodes combine 96TB or 48TB of Flash, respectively, and have redundant hot-swappable storage processors and power/cooling modules. Each Flash Node performs hardware-intensive operations, such as parity protection, inline deduplication, flash management and encryption. The Gemini X96 Flash Node requires 2U of rack space and 400 watts of power and uses Nimbus’ 4TB enterprise flash drives.

The HALO operating system provides unified protocol support for block and file protocols including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, SMB and RDMA-based iSER and SRP for ultra-low latency. Full management tools and APIs are included in the base price. All major virtualization and database platforms are fully supported.

The Gemini X-series all-flash array will be available to Nimbus Data strategic customers for evaluation in April 2014, with general availability to all customers scheduled for the summer of 2014.

Our Take: The Gemini-X series represents a major milestone for Nimbus, which continues its high standards of performance and functionality. The scale-out architecture and the impressive storage density should allow organizations with rapid data growth to confidently choose this all-Flash array. –James E. Bagley



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