Software -defined storage provides management of multiple vendor storage systems

March 31, 2014

ProphetStor on Monday announced the general availability of its Federator 2.0 software-defined storage (SDS) manager. Federator 2.0 SDS is targeted for cloud computing, analytics and high-performance computing.  Federator SDS consists of storage orchestration and storage hypervisor core components. The orchestration functions allow users to provision volumes from heterogeneous storage systems from multiple vendors, including EMC, Hitachi and NetApp, as well as CEPH and Nexenta SDS-based storage.

In addition to providing storage orchestration with centralized management for administrators and users, Federator allows non-disruptive deployment without changing the existing storage configurations. Automatic discovery of storage systems and abstraction of physical resources into virtual pools is provided. Storage pools are classified by capabilities and performance from a quality of service of standpoint. The system provides automated storage provisioning for self-service use and dynamic monitoring and scheduling of resources for delivery of storage requests to meet application requirements. Federator 2.0 SDS can be deployed in an independent IT environment or with OpenStack, and has its own open HTTP REST storage and management API’s for easy integration with other applications. Federator SDS can operate on an x86 Linux environment as an appliance or can run as a virtual appliance.

Our Take: ProphetStor has a significant offering in the SDS arena with both the Federator 2.0 SDS, as well as a storage hypervisor that can be deployed on commodity hardware. With pricing based capacity on a subscription model, the product is easy to trial. — -James E. Bagley



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