June 2, 2015

Nantero announced on Tuesday NRAM technology, a high-speed, low power form of memory that uses carbon nanotubes and has the potential to replace solid state drives and DRAM. The company also announced that it has received $31.5 million in Series E funding.

NRAM, in addition to being super-fast, is high density (can scale below 5nm) and has high endurance. It is now installed in multiple production fab locations. Designed for use in enterprise systems, tablets, video phones and other devices, NRAM (non-volatile random access memory) is 100s of times faster than NAND flash and ½ the cost of DRAM.

NRAM is also CMOS compatible, so it can be manufactured in existing CMOS fabs. And, it retains memory for >1,000 years at 85 degrees Celsius and more than 10 years at 300 degrees Celsius. It can be manufactured as either 3D multi-layer or multi-level cell (MLC) for cost advantages.

Nantero’s recent round of funding from Charles River Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Globespan Capital Partners and Harris & Harris Group. The company’s total funding is now $78.1 million.



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