January 25, 2016

Load DynamiX on Monday announced two new versions of its storage performance validation appliances – the Load DynamiX LDX-V Standard and the LDX-V Plus. The company also introduced enhancements to its products to aid storage architects in software-defined data centers.

LDX-V works with VMware ESXi 5.1 and above and can be deployed in multiple instances on the same host or distributed across host computers. It works with Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.0 and uses the same GUI, workflow, statistics, projects and API used by Load DynamiX physical appliances to generate tests of file, block and object storage systems.

New benefits include a lower testing cost with the virtualized appliances, a library of prebuilt tests and as much as 4Gbps bandwidth per virtual appliance.

Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.0 and the physical Workload Generation Appliance series now provide improved performance, support for N_Port ID Virtualization, an 8x increase in Fibre Channel discovery performance and simplification of the iSCSI test bed IQN setup and association.



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