May 17, 2016

Cloud Constellation on Tuesday announced SpaceBelt, a group of satellite-based data centers for the storage of business-critical data.

Designed for use by cloud service providers, large enterprises and governments, the SpaceBelt Information Ultra-Highway is a secure cloud network that circumvents jurisdictional compliance and operates independent of the Internet and leased lines.

In SpaceBelt, data would be stored on satellites rotating below the ‘space junk’ zone, operates at under 1,000KM and replicates data between satellites for high availability.

Cloud Constellation was founded by Scott Sobhani, CEO, and Hooshang Kaen, Vice Chairman. Sobhani is formerly with Lockheed Martin; Kaen is an advisor with the International Telecom Advisory group.

The company has received Series A funding of an undisclosed amount.



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