August 24, 2016

ProphetStor on Wednesday announced a new version of its Federator software-defined storage platform with additions of new flash-optimized functions.

Version 3.1 o Federator can transform commodity hardware into an all-flash or hybrid flash array that automates the discovery of storage, abstracts it and delivers a scale-out and scale-up platform.

The new capabilities include automatic discovery of storage systems and abstraction of physical resources, support for enterprise storage systems, classification of storage pools by capabilities and performance and dynamic monitoring and scheduling of resources.

In addition, 3.1 supports automatic provisioning based on pool groups and IOPs, block storage iSCSI, Fibre Channel and Ceph RADOS Block Device protocols and an open RESTful management API.

Finally, ProphetStor has integration with OpenStack, VMware VAAI.

Why Should You Care: Software-defined storage is rapidly evolving as an architectural implementation based on commodity hardware and an operational strategy that includes virtualization of system resources, orchestration and automation of processes. PropehStor’s Federator meets all these requirements.




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