August 25, 2016

Primary Data on Thursday introduced its DataSphere data orchestration platform, which automates IT services by virtualizing storage resources among flash, object storage systems, SAN and NAS systems.

Data virtualization is storage-, media- and protocol-agnostic. Data virtualization in DataSphere groups these systems and protocols under a single dataspace that allows data to be moved between servers, share storage and cloud-storage without application downtime.

DataSphere is a software platform that separates the data path from the control path and allows administrators to reduce over-provisioning costs, increase application uptime during migrations and simplify management of heterogeneous arrays.

The DataSphere platform is now available.

Why Should You Care: Virtualization of data, systems and resources is increasingly important as the amount of data that needs to be managed grows, because of economies that require finding new life for legacy resources is necessary and as the need for storage management must change from static to autonomic to accommodate the needs of the business.






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