September 27, 2016

iquazio on Tuesday launched the Enterprise Data Cloud platform for big data, IoT and cloud-native applications. In the new platform, four appliances can store as much as 10PB per rack at costs starting at $0.03/GB/month. The platform according to iquazio’s claims delivers 10 million transactions per second and 50GBps throughput with sub 100 millisecond latency when used in streaming, NoSQL, file or object environments.

Using the Enterprise Data Cloud, stateless cloud-native apps provision data in seconds and consume it through standard APIs. Developers and business units share data, search and monitor and provision data lifecycles through abstract policies with multi-layered, role-based access control.

The iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud is expected to be available in Q2 2017.

Why Should You Care: There are more and more announcements about cloud platforms becoming a ‘thing.’  Ignazio’s ‘thing’ shows real value which a lot of cloud platforms are yet to do, and has the ability to connect modern applications, such as analytics, IoT and native cloud applications to enterprise data.  The average datacenter has large enterprise storage infrastructures that store active data that these modern applications need access to in order to be more efficient.



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