September 26, 2016

SoftNAS on Monday announced that it has received a patent for its storage synchronization and replication solution.

The patent states: “A system of replicating data stored on a source node. Replication can be configured between two controllers, the source node on the one hand, and a target node on the other. A synchronization relationship between the source node and the target node is established and maintained. The synchronization relationship can be quickly and easily created for disaster recovery, real-time backup and failover, thereby ensuring that data on the source node is fully-protected at an offsite location or on another server or VM, for example, at another data center, a different building or elsewhere in the cloud. Processes described herein streamline the entire replication setup process, thereby significantly reducing error rates in conventional systems and making the replication process more user-friendly than in conventional systems.”

The patent covers SoftNAS’ SnapReplication capability, which is part of SoftNAS Cloud.

Why Should You Care: SoftNAS finally got a patent for their synchronization and replication solution, which is important for archival and data protection purposes as more businesses move their data from on-premises data centers into the cloud.

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