December 7, 2016

Primary Data, the data virtualization platform announced on Wednesday that it has contributed parallel NFS (pNFS) and NFS 4.2 Flex File code to the open source community, where it can be used for data virtualization, cross-platform data management and data mobility.


NFS 4.2 Flex File standards provide protocol support for clustered server deployments, enabling scalable parallel access to files distributed among multiple servers. Primary Data’s contribution provides native support for a global dataspace, data mobility and management across file, block and object storage.

The NFS 4.2 open standards contributions are integrated into the Linux kernel.

Why Should You Care: Primary Data’s Parallel NFS (pNFS) has now been accepted into the NFS 4.2 standard. pNFS is natively supported by clients and servers. Most of the benefits are already supported in the industry today for Parallel NFS and now being accepted as a standard will make interoperability easy in the future among vendors.

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