December 6, 2016

Talon on Tuesday announced that Talon FAST software is now available. The new version of the software-defined storage platform, provides management of unstructured file data, including unfinished local backups and conflicting file versions, on a subscription basis.


Talon FAST fits into traditional on-premises or cloud environments where it works with file caches to distribute and share files across global enterprises.

Talon FAST is storage agnostic and is available as an on-premises annual subscription or as an offering through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Why Should You Care: Talon announces the next generation of its storage software. As a software-defined storage vendor they want to combine centralized file storage with distributed file caches in other locations.  By consolidating to make a single instance of storage deployed, this can not only makes it easier to manage but also may have cost savings for some.

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