January 26, 2017

Panzura last week rolled out new software, hardware and support services for its Panzura 6.3 hybrid cloud storage platform. Enhancements include support for larger virtual machine cache sizes, enhanced high availability, reporting and new cloud storage support.

Panzura increased the cache size of its largest virtual machine to 36TB, improved its failback mechanism for disaster recovery and introduced storage/network/performance analytics.

In addition, Panzura now supports the IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Virtustream, as well as the ability to write data to multiple cloud storage providers.

The company also introduced a new cloud controller, the 5550, which supports a 16TB cache size and up to 1,200 active users.

Why Should You Care: Panzura announces new functionality for they hybrid cloud storage.  This means larger cache sizes for VMs, high availability, reporting, and additional cloud storage support and various features.  The larger cache sizes are there to greatly increase support for large enterprise storage operations.



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