January 31, 2017

Minio on Tuesday announced an object storage server designed for cloud applications an DevOps, that enables the storage of unstructured data and works with cloud hosting providers such as Digital Ocean, Packet and Hyper.sh.

The Minio object storage server features erasure coding, bitrot detection and lambda notification. Written in Go, and released under Apache v2.0, Minio features Amazon S3 v2 and v4 APIs, replication and auto-expiry characteristics.

Minio is available now and can be downloaded at https://minio.io/downloads

Why Should You Care: Minio is offering a native distributed object storage server, which is specifically designed to support cloud applications and DevOps environments.  Some of the major features for data protection and security are erasure coding, bitnot protection and lambda notification.  Customers that use Docker, mess and Kubernetes are attracted to its cloud native architecture.


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