February 07, 2017

Druva on Tuesday announced new monitoring and detection capabilities that alert customers to suspicious data activities, such as the detection of ransomware. The company’s software allows the assessment of file changes including abnormal deletions, unusual file modifications and updates, and identifying atypically large numbers of file creations, all of which can be indicative of a malicious event.

When an event occurs, Druva will pinpoint the last safest snapshot to recover from. It will also alert IT when such an event occurs and collect a comprehensive set of charts and visualizations that identify catalysts of unusual behavior.

Druva allows access to granular per-user details, such as file name, path and type, to understand specifically what files are potentially at risk. It can identify the last known good snapshot and recover the entire data set or individual files as needed.

The new version of Druva is expected to be available by mid-April.

Why Should You Care: Being able to detect ransomware attacks as they are occurring and being able to recover from them should be a high priority for IT.






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