February 8, 2017

Kaminario on Wednesday announced its Gen6 K2 all-flash array, which can scale compute independent of solid state capacity. New to the K2 also is a new set of compression algorithms that allow for a 25% improvement in data reduction.

The K2 Gen6 is comprised of modular K-Blocks that include and active-active controller pair and 1-4 drive shelves, each accommodating 24 SSDs. The K2 Gen6 K-Block scales to 1PB of capacity, 5x the capacity of a Gen5 K-Block.

In addition, Kaminario customers will be able to add Gen6 modules to existing Gen5 implementations non-disruptively.

The following configurations are available.

  • 1 K-Block Configuration – 30TB to 1PB of effective capacity with 370K IOPS, 6.2GB/s of throughput and 0.35ms latency
  • 2 K-Block Configuration – 60TB to 2PB of effective capacity with 740K IOPS, 12.4GB/s of throughput and 0.35ms latency
  • 3 K-Block Configuration – 90TB to 3PB of effective capacity with 1.1M IOPS, 6GB/s of throughput and 0.35ms latency
  • 4 K-Block Configuration – 120TB to 4PB of effective capacity with 1.5M IOPS, 25GB/s of throughput and 0.35ms latency

Why Should You Care: This is a bigger, better, faster announcement. That customers can upgrade non-disruptively from Gen5 to Gen6 controllers makes Kaminario’s platform one worth adopting.


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