March 6, 2017

SwiftStack on Monday announced a new version of its latest hybrid cloud storage and data management package, SwiftStack 5, which now includes the ability to replicate data bidirectionally between four Google Cloud Storage offerings.

Two-way synchronization of data stored between on-premises and the public cloud is managed as a policy controlled by IT, so data is automatically delivered to where it can best be computed on or utilized, whether in private data centers or in the public cloud.

SwiftStack 5 stores data in a cloud-native format and manages its placement via policies. Other enhancements include multi-region erasure coding for improved storage efficiency as well as support for deep buckets with more than 100 million objects.

The SwiftStack 5 release includes a new desktop client for Windows and OS X.

Why Should You Care: These enhancements give customers in hybrid cloud environments the ability to manage both on-premises and off-premises data policies with Cloud Sync. This will make data management easier in these environments.


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