March 8, 2017

Excelero, a software-defined block storage vendor, on Wednesday announced version 1.1 of its NVMesh Server SAN software. NVMesh is an NVMe sharing technology that allows customers to create virtual, distributed non-volatile arrays.

Excelero uses a patented Remote Direct Drive Access (RDDA) technology in its NVMesh that allows the logical disaggregation of storage from application servers, keeping CPU available for applications.

It adds 5 milliseconds latency over local NVMe drive latency and supports NVMe over Fabrics.

Why Should You Care: Excelero is coming out of stealth and putting a twist on SDS for block storage. This software is step closer to communicating with flash and other solid state technologies such as persistent memory instead of traditional HDD deployments.  This means users can now take advantage of the full performance and capabilities of NVMe, NVMe over Fabric and new memory technologies, such as 3D XPoint, in the near future to increase productivity at all levels of business.



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