April 11, 2017

Cisco on Tuesday announced new storage network technologies that include the MDS 9700 48-port 32Gbps Fibre Channel Switching Module, 32Gb Broadcom/Emulex and Cavium/Qlogic Fibre Channel Host Bus adapter support for its Cisco UCS servers and a new analytics engine.

The new Fibre Channel Switching Module can be used to upgrade the MDS 9700 to 32Gbps Fibre Channel and deliver aggregate performance of 1536 Gbps.

The 32Gb Broadcom/Emulex and Cavium/Qlogic Fibre Channel Host Bus adapters for use in Cisco UCS servers provide high-performance and low latency for solid state drives, caching and persistent storage as well as hard disk arrays.

Further, Cisco has announced support for NVMe over Fibre Channel and NVMe over Fabrics.

Finally, the company has announced an analytics engine that allows visibility into the SAN and the ability to analyze real-time Fibre Channel exchanges.

The new Cisco product are expected to be available next month.

Why Should You Care: Cisco has upgraded its Cisco MDS 9700 with 32Gb Fibre Channel capability and done it by adding an additional module, thus preserving customers’ initial investments.



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