May 2, 2017

Datos IO on Tuesday introduced RecoverX 2.0, an application-centric data management platform, which now includes migration of on-premises applications to and across clouds with new data mobility for relational databases.

RecoverX 2.0 also includes data protection support for relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server either hosted in the private cloud or in public cloud environments. It now adds data protection for Apache Hadoop, including Clodeera and Hortonworks and allowing backup and recovery for HDFS-base file systems.

In addition, RecoverX 2.0 is now available as a five-node software cluster for high-performance, availability and scale and can be scaled up and down by nodes as application requirements change.

Further, RecoverX now includes policy management, which automates data protection applications and enhanced operational monitoring for data source patterns and data protection.

Why Should You Care: Datos IO expanded their data management platform, allowing customers to scale private and public cloud implementations as required by application workloads.




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