May 9, 2017


Dell EMC on Tuesday introduced a bundle of new storage platforms, including a new all-flash VMAX, a new XtremIO array, two mid-range arrays and new Isilon storage arrays

The company introduced the VMAX 950F, which it claims is 4x faster than an unnamed competitor’s array for OLTP workloads. The VMAX 950F includes SRDF, D@RE encryption, non-disruptive migration and inline compression.

Dell EMC also introduced the XtremIO X2, which has 3x higher capacity, 25% better storage efficiency and 80% better response times than the XtremeIO X1. The XtremIO X2 provides 3x the capacity per X-Brick, as well as new scalability of as low as 7TB to as much as 138TB per X-brick.

In addition, the company introduced new Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Arrays that have 4x larger file systems, an 8x increase in density and a sub 10-minute deployment than previous generation Unity arrays. The new Unity 350F, 450F, 550F and 650F – provide up to 500TB of effective storage capacity in a dense 80-drive, 3U footprint. They feature 4x larger file systems with inline file compression, iCDM with snapshot mobility, simpler RAID protection and support for external encryption key management.

Further, the company introduced the SC5020 midrange hybrid array that according to its claims has 45% more IOPS, 2x greater capacity and the market’s lowest hybrid array $/GB. The new array features 30 internal drive bays, dual controllers and Fibre Channel, iSCSI and direct-attach SAS connectivity.

Finally, Dell EMC rolled out new Isilon boxes that deliver up to 9x the IOPs, 18x the throughput and 21x the capacity of an all-flash competitor.  The new Isilon systems include all-flash, hybrid and archive configurations.

The VMAX 950F is expected to be available in June. The XtremIO X2 is expected to be available this summer. New Dell EMC Unity All-Flash models are expected to be available in July. The SC5020 is expected to be available in June. The new Isilon platforms are expected to be available in June.

Why Should You Care: This technology refresh is a bigger, better, faster announcement that is expected from Dell EMC at its annual eponymous Dell EMC World.



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