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FalconStor, Cumulus partner for cloud-based predictive analytics of storage Tweet This

September 30, 2015


FalconStor Software and Cumulus partnered on Wednesday for an OEM dea that allows FlaconStor to provide predictive analytics monitoring for FalconStor FreeStor. FreeStor, which is a hardware-agnostic data services software platform across heterogeneous storage hardware, will work with Cumulus to provide real-time visualization, analysis and action with historical analysis to storage.



Peaxy nabs funding Tweet This

September 30, 2015


Peaxy, maker of a data management platform for unstructured data called Hyperfiler, announced that it has received $15 million from a group of private investors. The funding will go to development of its file support, which at present is limited to HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office and AutoCAD.


Western Digital gets $3.8 infusion from Tsinghua University Tweet This

October 1, 2015

Tsinghua University, alma mater to Chinese President Xi JinPing will buy a 15% stake in Western Digital for $3.8 billion.

The deal builds on Tsinghua’s $23 billion investment in Micron.

Both deals will help China boost its technology expertise.



Barracuda snaps up Intronis Tweet This

September 29, 2015

Barracuda Networks on Tuesday bought MSP-focused data protection company Intronis for an unspecified amount.

The acquisition will expand Barracuda’s channel by almost 2,000 MSPs and add a purpose-build MSP platform called ECHOplatform to its data protection and recovery products.



SoftNAS announces data management platform Tweet This

September 30, 2015

SoftNAS on Wednesday announced SoftNAS CloudFabric, SoftNAS UltraFast and SoftNAS Cloud Fabric Architecture, three pieces of software that form a new data management platform that will control, manage and accelerate movement of data across geographically dispersed locations.

The software contains data migration, replications and integration capability so data can be ingested, migrated, replicated, managed, transformed and shared.

SoftNas CloudFabric Architect, part of CloudFabric is used to drag and drop operations to configure data migration, replication and integrations that are managemed and controlled by SoftNAS CloudFabric DataManager.

There are a number of use cases for CloudFabric, including remote branch office data migration, global content publishing, Disaster Recovery to the cloud, cloud-integrated storage, SaaS and Web services integration and big data and IoT integration.



Huawei unveils cloud, OpenStack disaster recovery solution Tweet This

September 30, 2015

Hauwei on Wednesday announced a DR solution that lets telcos and enterprise datacenter operators build DR services for their tenants.

The Cloud DR solution incorporates Hauwei’s DR Data Center Solution (Active-Active Mode) and ManageOne, BC Manager, OceanStor DJ, OpenStack, Hyper Metro and eBackup VM backup software.



ParkMyCloud rolls out AWS instance parking service Tweet This

October 1, 2015

A startup called ParkMyCloud came out of stealth mode earlier last month with a service that saves companies money on AWS charges for inactive EC2 instances.

Like using the snooze button on an alarm clock, companies can suspend or ‘park’ idle EC2 instances via policies. For instance, if a developer uses EC2 between 8 and 5 each day and the instance then goes idle from 5 PM until 8 AM the next morning, the instance will be parked and the customer will not be charged for the idle time.

ParkMyCloud is different than Amazon’s CloudWatch, which lets customers proactively ‘idle’ EC2 instances. With CloudWatch, customers are still charged for the idle time; with ParkMyCloud, they are not.

The company estimates that organizations can save as much as 20% or more each month with their service.

The service is priced by the number of instances in use and includes a centralized view of all AWS regions and the ability to create and assign all parking schedules.

The company has raised $300,000 in seed funding from White Hall Capital. It was co-founded by CTO Dale Wickizer of Ostrato, and CEO Jay Chapel, founder of Ostrato.



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