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Catalogic Software rolls out copy data management Tweet This

October 29, 2014

Catalogic Software on Tuesday introduced ECX Instant Copy Data Management, which lets enterprises gain visibility, insight and control over their copy data.

The platform has plug-ins to NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, ONTAP 7-mode, CLOUD ONTAP and VMware. It catalogs all tiers of NetApp and VMware snapshots and allows customers to locate any file or object. With ECX, customers can also identify stale or unwanted data, and automate its re-use for data recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity.

ECX is agentless. The ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform is available now starting at $5,000 per NetApp controller.



Skyera has new all-Flash array Tweet This

skyHawk FS brings 136TB raw capacity in 1U package

October 29, 2014

Skyera on Wednesday announced its newest all-Flash array, the skyHawk FS, which provides an unprecedented storage density in a 1U package. Its second-generation array, at full scale, provides price equity with rotating (hard disk drive) media on a capacity basis.

Purpose-built as a Flash array using the latest generation of NAND dies directly on the circuit board, the skyHawk FS provides a system that uses 97% less power and 99% less footprint than traditional enterprise disk storage media. It provides both network attached storage (NAS filer) functionality, as well as storage area network (SAN block) capability for easy integration with existing systems. The feeds and speeds include up to 2.4 GBps bandwidth and 400,000 input output operations per second (IOPs).

Because of its durability (no moving parts) and lightweight (less than 26 pounds) the skyHawk FS is finding its way into some exotic applications, such as high speed data collection aboard military aircraft and military vehicles. Because of its data density, the array can drop into an existing database or on-line transaction processing application and retain the entire dataset without getting into caching and tiering algorithms.

The skyHawk FS is available immediately.

Our Take: Skyera has the DNA in the technology of Flash memory management its co-founder and CTO, Radoslav Danolak was the founder and CTO SanDisk, the leading manufacturer of solid-state drive (SSD) Flash control circuits, now owned by Seagate. The vision behind Skyera is to exploit the latest technologies coming from the Flash foundries in order to build the highest density Flash arrays that can compete with rotating media on a cost per capacity basis. The skyHawk FS is a significant milestone in Flash density in a 1U platform. — James E. Bagley




EMC acquires three cloud companies – Cloudscaling, Maginatics, Spanning Tweet This

October 28, 2014

EMC on Tuesday announced a hybrid cloud solution from three companies it just acquired – Cloudscaling, Maginatics and Spanning Backup Apps.

The three acquisitions combine EMC’s cloud strategy with storage and data protection. All three transactions are cash.

The hybrid cloud solution, according to EMC, will take as little as 28 days to deploy and will consist of hardware, including VCE Vblock and EMC VSPEX, software and services. The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) solution will also leverage EMC and VMware partnerships for self-service and automation, operational management, etc.

The EMC EHC is available in three pre-configured sizes, including one for 500 virtual machines in five days, 5,000 virtual machines in five days, and 10,000 virtual machines in five days for base implementational services. It will be available from EMC and VSPEX partners.  A number of service provider partners are included, such as Telefonica, Colt and Swisscom.

The solutions configurations are the EMC Federation SDDC Edition, which is available now, the Microsoft Edition and the OpenStack Edition 2015, both of which will be available next year.

Cloudscaling creates hybrid clouds based on OpenStack; Maginatics allows data mobility across multiple clouds; and, Spanning backs up cloud-based SaaS apps, such as Google Docs and Salesforce.

Randy Bias, CEO of Cloudscaling will join EMC’s Emerging Technologies Group, led by President C. J. Desai. Maginatics CEO Amarjit Gill and Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe will join the new Core Technologies Division, led by President Guy Churchward. The teams at all three companies will also join EMC.



SoftNAS unveils NAS filer for Azure Tweet This

October 28, 2014

SoftNAS, a NAS in the cloud vendor on Tuesday unveiled SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure that allows customers to run their Microsoft apps on the Azure cloud. SoftNAS Cloud for Microsof Azure can be use for data protection or disaster recovery and eliminates on-premise storage in exchange for a capacity based on need model through the Azure Marketplace.

SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure includes support for Windows Access Control Lists (ACLs) and   Active Directory integration. In addition, via a wizard and SNAP HA, a cluster can be deployed in as little as five minutes.

SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure support block replication for migration, disaster recovery and real-time backup, as well as support for CIFS, NFS and iSCSI.

SoftNAS Cloud for Azure starts at $495 per month for up to 16 TB. Hourly pricing starts from $0.18, including a free tier.



Fujitsu unveils hyper-scale storage Tweet This

October 28, 2014

Fujitsu Limited on Tuesday announced the ETERNUS CD10000, a storage array capable of storing large-scale data volumes.

Available now, the ETERNUS CD10000 can be scaled to 56PB of capacity by adding storage nodes.

The system automatically distributes unstructured data among nodes for high availability. As many as 224 nodes can be configured and additional nodes can be added to the cluster in real0time.

The system uses the Ceph object storage system and assigns a metadata ID to content that manages it along with keeping its attribute location.

It supports block data, as well as OpenStack.


NetApp acquires Riverbed SteelStore product Tweet This

October 27, 2014

Riverbed and NetApp on Monday announced that NetApp will buy Riverbed’s SteelStore cloud gateway product for about $80 million. Riverbed is going to divest the SteelStore business to focus on application performance management.

The SteelStore product allows the backing up, archiving and storage of data in the cloud.

The acquisition is expected to accelerate NetApp’s hybrid cloud strategy. SteelStore supports both NetApp and 3rd party storage infrastructures, as well as backup software and cloud providers. With built-in deduplication and compression capabilities, SteelStore also offers encryption.



BigPanda launches IT incident management, announces funding Tweet This

October 28, 2014

Big Panda on Tuesday announced a new approach to incident management that leverages data science to correlate the dependencies and events between monitored machines and devices. The platform analyzes the alerts in the network and clusters them into high-level incident.

It then automates the manual processes in detecting, investigating and collaborating around each incident. The product integrates with ServiceNow, JIRA and Remedy.

A lite version is available for free; pricing starts at $1,500 per month for a company-wide license.

The company also announced that it has received $7 million in Series A funding from Mayfield and Sequoia.