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Permabit debuts inline dedupe for primary storage Tweet This

September 16, 2014

Permabit on Tuesday announced the Albireo SANblox, a data deduplication appliance for primary data.

The appliance, which uses Albireo VDO and HIOPS Compression software, provides inline deduplication and compression to existing or new Fibre Channel storage arrays. The appliance uses technology from Permabit, Emulex and Red Hat and is compatible with EMC VNX, EMC VMAX, Dell SC800 series, HDS HUS, NetApp E-Series, and Huawei OceanStor T series.

It also works with any storage units that are certified to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5. Brocade and Cisco Fibre Channel switches are supported, as is connectivity with either Emulex or QLogic HBAs.  The appliance is configured in a 1U form factor.


SNIA enhances CDMI Tweet This

September 15, 2014

SNIA on Monday announced a new version of its Cloud Data Management Interface specification, which now includes eased implementation with OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3. CDMI now includes backward compatibility with ISO/IEC CDMI version 1.0.2.  CDMI 1.1 now also includes support for Multi-part MIME, Domain Auth Methods, Group Storage System Metadata, Domain Summary Extension for Bandwidth, Expiring ACE and Versioning extensions.


Cloudian on Tuesday announced new hybrid cloud storage appliances and new HyperStore software Tweet This

September 16, 2014

The HyperStore appliances are Linux-based, flash-optimized and compatible with Amazon S3. Available in three configurations, the appliances ship integrated with Cloudian HyperStore software and can be deployed either on a user’s existing hardware or as a purpose-built appliance.

The 1U HyperStore appliance 1000 series is available in two configurations – an entry level HSA1024 with 24TB of capacity and an HSA1048 with 48TB of capacity. A high-performance HSA2060 appliance is also available, which has 60TB of capacity in a 2U form factor.

The new HyperStore 5.0 software now includes system management, monitoring and reporting capability. Addition features include cloud streaming, support for virtual nodes, erasure coding, data compression and encryption.




A3CUBE announces Fortissimo Foundation for high performance ultra-convergence Tweet This

Scale-out system provides shared resources and compute workloads within storage infrastructure

September 16, 2014

A3CUBE, Inc. Tuesday announced introduced its Fortissimo Foundation building block solution. Coupled with A3CUBE’s previously announced RONNIE Express platform, Fortissimo Foundation provides improvements in application performance and datacenter efficiency, particularly in unstructured and Big Data environments.

Fortissimo Foundation is a clustered, pervasive, global direct-remote I/O access system that linearly scales I/O bandwidth, memory, flash and hard disk storage capacity and server performance to provide an “in-memory” scale-out solution. Fortissimo intelligently aggregates all resources of a data center cluster into a massive global name space, bridging all remote compute and storage resources to look and act as if they were local. By providing a complete set of hardware and software building blocks through Fortissimo, A3CUBE enables organizations to broadly deploy the power of high-end HPC clusters using low-cost, commodity servers and storage and without the high complexity, cost and fundamental limitations of traditional scale out systems.

The RONNIE is a PCIe connected fabric which allows direct access to all resources of the cluster to an application running on any node.  RONNIEE Express data path accelerator and RONNIEE NIC provides a low-latency solution that enhances PCIe with a direct “in memory” communication that bridges local and remote resources. Local-CPU to remote device access time of less than 0.8 usec is achieved by Fortissimo with RONNIE Express, significantly improving access time compared to traditional storage configurations and enabling storage performance to scale linearly across multiple nodes.

Our Take:

The A3CUBE developments provide a high performing clustered architecture designed for HPC and Big Data workloads.

-James E. Bagley

Maxta unveils hyper-converged system for new Intel processor Tweet This

September 8, 2014

Maxta on Monday announced a new hyper-converged reference architecture for the recently introduced Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processor.

The new MaxDeploy MxSP Software-defined-Storage solution leverages the new Intel platform, which includes improved performance, support for a higher number of cores, NVMe storage interface, DDR4 memory and support for 40GbE.

New to the MxSP platform include improved VM-centric automation, simplified data protection, greater availability resiliency via VMware Stretch Store Metro Cluster and improved caching algorithms and flash utilization.



HP acquires Eucalyptus Tweet This

September 11, 2014

HP on Thursday acquired private cloud vendor Eucalyptus Systems for an undisclosed amount. Eucalyptus, which is run by Marten Mickos, has open source software that lets users build private clouds that are compatible with AWS APIs. Mickos will become general manager of HP’s cloud business.



Riverbed rolls out cloud-integration storage for AWS Tweet This

September 11, 2014

Riverbed on Thursday announced a free version of its Riverbed SteelStore virtual edition for Amazon Web Services and six months of Amazon Simple Storage Service at up to 8TB per month capacity. The deal is available for customers that sign up between September 9 and October 9 of this year.