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Quantum enhances Scalar i6000 tape library Tweet This

July 29, 2015

Quantum on Wednesday announced enhancement to its Scalar i6000 tape library. The company doubled the drive density, added RESTFUL web services management capabilities and incorporated 80 PLUS certified power supplies.

The Scalar i6000 now doubles the number of LTO drives that fit in a 19-inch rack footprint. In 2015, Quantum has said they will scale to more than 15,000 slots or 225PB in a single system.



Datrium launches server-flash storage system Tweet This

July 28, 2015

Datrium on Tuesday rolled out its DVX Server-Flash Storage System, a hybrid server side caching/storage solution.

Unlike a traditional SAN array, the Datrium DVX puts all RAID, clones, dedupe and other data services on stateless VMware ESX hosts containing flash memory and commodity SSDs.

It then connects to a Datrium scalable NetShell Nearline storage appliance, which contains dual controllers for high-availability and 12 4TB 7,200RPM SAS drives, is used for storing persistent data.

Each NetShell connects to the network via 10GbE connections. The DVX Server-Flash Storage System is managed through vCenter.

The DVX Server-Flash Storage System is aimed at test/dev environments, VDI and server consolidation.

Co-founded by Brian Biles, formerly founder of Data Domain, and Hugo Patterson, formerly CTO at Data Domain, Datrium is funded by New Enterprise Associates, Lightspeed Ventures and private investors including Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Frank Slootman, Kai Li and Edouard Bugnion for $55 million.

Its DVX product is currently in field testing at selected sites.



Intel, Micron announce 3D XPoint memory technology Tweet This

July 28, 2015

Intel and Micron on Tuesday announced a new non-volatile memory technology that is 1000 times faster than NAND flash. 3D XPoint is 10 times denser than conventional memory and is expected to be used in 8K gaming applications, machine learning and in the future as a replacement for NAND flash.

In production now, 3D XPoint has 1,000 times greater endurance than NAND.

3D XPoint uses a transistor-less cross point architecture that creates a three-dimensional checkerboard where memory cells sit at the intersection of word lines and bit lines, allowing the cells to be addressed individually. As a result, data can be written and read in small sizes, leading to faster and more efficient read/write processes.

Perpendicular conductors connect as many as 128 billion memory cells, each storing a single bit of data. Memory cells are stacked in multiple layers and are accessed and written or read by varying the amount of voltage sent to each selector.

The technology is expected to be available for sampling later this year.



Crossroads Systems offers free storage assessment tool Tweet This

Whoops, we made a mistake! We published the wrong Web link. So here is the story again.

Crossroads Systems on Thursday announced a free Storage Assessment Tool that creates reports that help IT managers better understand and optimize their network-attached storage.

Available at, the tool presents information on the active and inactive data residing on NAS boxes, so organizations can free up their storage capacity and avoid over-provisioning or over-buying of storage.


FusionStorm launches converged infrastructure solution Tweet This

July 23, 2015

FusionStorm in collaboration with Dell and Juniper Networks last Friday announced InfiniStack, a hardware and software defined compute, storage and networking solution.

Available in three configurations, the InfiniStack uses Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell storage, Juniper Networks QFX Series data center switches and Juniper’s Contrail Cloud network automation software.

InfiniStack has three reference architectures for retail, financial services and Web 2.0 applications. Three editions of InfiniStack are also available: one that includes Scality RING software, one that includes VMware and one that is built on OpenStack.



Cisco end-of-lifes Invicta Tweet This

July 24, 2015

Cisco last week end-of-life’d and discontinued sales of its Cisco UCS Invicta Series flash memory solution, which it acquired in a $450 million deal for Whiptail Technologies in 2013.



X-IO announces iglu storage arrays Tweet This

July 28, 2015

X-IO Technologies on Tuesday announced iglu blaze, a storage array that ships with application-integrated snapshots and replication. Sitting on top of  any X-IO Intelligent Systems Element (ISE) hardware, the iglu software-defined storage platform provides block storage services and allows as many as 11 ISE modules to be clustered behind it.

Four base models of the iglu blaze are available, which combine flash memory and magnetic hard disks. They are the ISE 780, which has as much as 37.4TB of flash memory and 231TB of hybrid capacity; the ISE 740, which has 231TB of hybrid storage; the ISE 240, which has as much as 310TB of HDD capacity; and, the ISE 110, which provides as much as 310.2TB capacity.

Software capability of iglu blaze includes automated disaster recovery, high-availability, mirror for fault-tolerance, application-aware snapshots, thin provisioning, copy-swap for non-disruptive migration, Continuous Data Protection, replication, compression and encryption.

The iglu blaze supports Hyper-V and VMware, as well as SMI-S and VAAI.


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