January 10, 2017

Data-aware security vendor DataGravity on Tuesday rolled out a new virtualization product suite that protects virtualized data in small-to-medium sized enterprises. The DataGravity for Virtualization allows SMEs to visualize, secure and protect unstructured data in virtual environments.

The product supports VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN and lets users identify the root cause of suspicious activity. It identifies security breaches, locates vulnerabilities, and tracks sensitive data as it moves throughout a system.

Why Should You Care: DataGravity has a product suite that fights against ransomware for unstructured data in virtual environments.  What is this means is that security risks are lowered by users having the ability to proactively address threats and recognize patterns.  It is currently supported on VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN.


January 10, 2017

Dell on Tuesday announced the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance V Series solution for Citrix XenDesktop. Based on a Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 server, the VxRail Appliance is designed specifically for high density populations, graphics-intensive environments and deployment in remote offices.

Why Should You Care: Dell has expanded its offerings to specifically support VDI environments with the VxRail Appliance 4.0 solution for Citrix XenDesktop.  With the appliance, V Series solution Citrix XenDesktop users now have an additional choice in VDI appliances to choose from and take advantage of the VxRail Appliances management and solutions packaging.

January 11, 2017

 Hewlett Packard Enterprise on Wednesday introduced enhancements to its HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage Array, including new scale up, scale out and scale across capabilities, support for 10Gbase-T, and a new File Controller fro structured and unstructured data.

The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is an 64-bit ARM processor-based system that uses HPE’s software-define storage operating system. The new scaling capability includes the ability to add addition drives or drive enclosures, the ability to group multiple controller pairs into a single storage cluster and the ability to federate multiple clusters using HPE Peer Motion.

Furtther, the new HPE StoreVirtual 3200 now supports 10GBase-T interconnects and a new HPE StoreVirtual 3000 File Controller, which allows the 3200 to serve both structured and unstructured data needs from the same pool of capacity.

The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 storage system is now available starting at $6,055.

 Why Should You Care: HPE is offering what they call Multi-Dimensional Storage with the use of the same OS used for StoreVirtual VSA and Hyper-converged systems using 64-bit ARM processors. The StoreVirtual 3200 can scale up, scale out and scale across using HPE Peer Motion and by federating clusters. At the price point of the StoreVirtual 3200, this means more SMBs have another choice for using flexible storage in their businesses.




January 10, 2017


Hybrid cloud storage vendor Panzura on Tuesday announced that it has received $32 million in funding from Matrix Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, Opus Capital, Chevron, Western Digital and an undisclosed strategic investor.

This fifth round of funding brings Panzura’s total funding to $90 million. The new money will be used to expand Panzura’s offerings for high performance database and virtual workloads, big data analytics and Internet of Thing applications.

Why Should You Care: Panzura closed its next round of $32M in funding in order to scale their leadership and transform on-premises storage marketing spending to a cloud-first storage model.  The company will expand its hybrid cloud storage offerings for modern applications.

January 10, 2017

All-flash hardware vendor Kaminario announced on Tuesday that it has received $75 million in funding from Waterwood, CE Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Pitango Venture Capital, Lazarus, Silicon Valley Bank and Globespan Capital Partners. The money will be used to expand globally and further product development.

This seventh round of funding (Series F) brings Kaminario’s total funding to $277.7 million.

Why Should You Care: In a difficult venture capital climate for investing in traditional storage players, Kaminario got their next round of funding for $75M.  As the company continues to compete in the traditional all-flash storage market with other startups and larger competitors, it will be interesting to see how they differentiate themselves in the market.



December 21, 2016

Panzura on Wednesday announced the Freedom Archive, a product that allows the archiving of data from any cloud or location. Designed for surveillance video, healthcare imaging, seismic data or life sciences information, the Freedom Archive has a local cache for high speed access to important data and cloud storage capacity for archiving data.


The Freedom Archive includes data policy management capability that allows the tiering of data. Data is compressed and deduped for storage efficiency. Encryption of data at rest and inflight is also enabled.

Freedom Archive works with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM Cloud, as well as private cloud object storage providers including IBM, HDS, and EMC.  Pricing starts at less than two cents per gigabyte per month and is available as a term or perpetual license.

Freedom Archive is now available.

Why Should You Care: Panzura has released its new cloud archive product Freedom Archive.  Any use case that needs or requires long-term retention of data, such as surveillance video, healthcare, life sciences and others can store, access and manage their long-term retention needs in the cloud.  For capacity optimization Panzura uses compression and deduplication for space efficiency and protects data with encryption for data at rest.


December 19, 2016

Cloud Cruiser on Monday added budgeting capability to its cloud consumption service. Cstomers now have the ability to set budgets for recurring time frames, adjust budget targets and thresholds by department, geography or team, visualize spend against budget over time and share budget targets with others, proactively notify others when budgetary thresh0lds are met.

Why Should You Care: Cloud cruiser offers analytics for cloud consumption. Its SaaS application allows users to optimize their cloud services consumption through analyzing and reporting hybrid cloud usage to reduce cost and spending in real-time.  Cloud Cruiser has added new budget features so costs can be better planned and predicted.