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Load DynamiX enhances storage workload generating appliances Tweet This

Simplified workload modeling allows enterprises to evaluate performance prior to deployment

April 14, 2014

Load Dynamix on Monday announced its latest storage workload modeling products to enable storage architects to accelerate evaluation and deployment of new system technologies, including solid state storage, compression and deduplication. New offerings include a 2U rack mount appliance that can generate workloads emulating tens of thousands of users.

New workload modeling tools include a VDI simulation as well data compression and deduplication workloads. The new physical appliance includes both 10G Ethernet as well as 16G Fibre Channel ports. A new virtual appliance is available as a software-only version of the Load Dynamix load generation physical offerings, which is targeted at technology vendor engineering organizations. Development engineers can duplicate proven approaches already used by their QA organizations.  This provides a low cost facility for early performance testing in the development process.

A simplified user interface for creating workloads and improved analytics and reporting ease the implementation of testing procedures. Reporting templates provide enhanced capabilities for capacity planning and head-to-head product evaluations. A new VDI application workload model is specifically designed to help users evaluate storage systems by creating a large number of VDI Linked Clones and measuring VDI boot storm performance. Granular workload models for NFSv3, SMB 2, iSCSI and Fibre Channel enable a high degree of customization and detail involving storage access patterns, block/file sizes and distributions, directory structures and load properties. The new systems provide modeling for data compression and inline deduplication which are key issues that evaluators must quantify properly to assess the economics of adopting flash or hybrid storage.

Our Take: By packaging a set of customizable load generating algorithms into a small physical package, Load DynamiX has reduced the cost and risk involved with the creation of test workloads by enterprise IT organizations. The virtual appliance will be useful in the development shops of storage system vendors --James E. Bagley



Riverbed rebrands Granite, rolls out new capabilities Tweet This

April 15, 2014

Riverbed on Tuesday announced SteelFusion 3.0, a rebadged version of its Granite converged infrastructure platform.

Designed for deployment in branch offices, the new version speeds provisioning by as much as 30x and increases recovery of data by as much as 96x over previous SteelFusion appliances.

The company also introduced a new SteelFusion model – the 360P appliance – and a new core controller appliance for the datacenter – the SteelFusion Core 3000, which offers three times the capacity of previous controllers.

Riverbed has also added a pre-fetch capability to their branch office appliances, which reduces the recovery time in the event of failure or disaster. And, finally the new SteelFusion appliances now support NetApp cluster mode and EMC VNX2 snapshots.

SteelFusion 3.0 is expected to be available in May.



Infoblox announces XenServer support Tweet This

April 14, 2014

Infoblox in Monday announced that its Virtual Appliance Software now supports the open-source XenServer platform. The Infoblox Virtual Appliance allows the delivery of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management services either as a physical appliance (its Trinzic appliances), as a virtual appliance on Cisco and Riverbed hardware or as a Virtual Appliance on VMware, Hyper-V or XenServer.




Oracle announces new database backup, storage cloud service Tweet This

April 14, 2014

Oracle on Monday announced that its Oracle Database Backup Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service are now available.

The Oracle Database Backup Services is integrated with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and provides data backup and recovery between on-premises Oracle databases and the Oracle Cloud. Data transfers to the cloud are compressed and encrypted. As data is stored in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service it is automatically replicated 3 times to separate machines within the same data center. This automatic mirroring prevents data loss caused by hardware failures.

The Oracle Storage Cloud is based on object storage technology and is OpenStack Swift compatible. Oracle Storage Cloud is available at $30/TB per month.


Dell rolls out enhancements to storage, converged infrastructure, Open Manage portfolio Tweet This

April 15, 2014

Dell at its Enterprise Forum EMEA on Tuesday announced updates to its Compellent Storage Center operating system and EqualLogic storage portfolio, to its PowerEdge VRTX converged infrastructure appliance and to its OpenManage and iDRAC management software.

The company introduced a new version of its operating system for the Compellent Storage Center array and a new technology, Fluid Cache for SAN, which allows server-based caching of data to accelerate performance between server and storage devices. Fluid Cache for SAN unifies Dell’s PowerEdge servers, Dell’s networking switches and the Compellent SC8000 storage array and provides a 99% database response improvement and over 5 million IOPs performance.

Fluid Cache for SAN is the result of Dell’s acquisition of RNA Networks and an evolution of its Fluid Cache for DAS, which allows a PowerEdge server to be paired Micron Flash SSD card and with the server’s internal storage.

Storage Center 6.5 enhances performance by as much as 100% over previous versions and extends auto-tiering to place frequently accessed data in the server’s PCIe cache. The company has also added block-level compression to Storage Center 6.5 and added self-encrypting drive support and synchronous Live Volume capability. Previously, Live Volume only supported asynchronous replication.

Dell has also added the ability to segment VLAN traffic on an iSCSI port so service providers and enterprise customers can host more customers and departments on a Storage Center array and charge for different QoS levels.

The company also announced a set of tools for its Dell EqualLogic arrays called Host Integration Tools. These tools allow for integration with VMwareMicrosoft and Linux virtualization platforms.

Further, Dell enhanced its OpenManage Essentials hardware monitoring and management software to include Dell AppAssure data protection software. The company also enhanced its iDRAC with new server self-identification and automated rollback capabilities.

Finally, Dell enhanced its PowerEdge VRTX platform to include use of a redundant PowerEdge Raid Controller (PERC) for failover and the addition of additional server nodes.

Fluid Cache for SAN and Compellent Storage Center 6.5 are expected to be available by the nd of June. OpenManage enhancements and the PowerEdge VRTX are available now and the EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware and Linux are also available now.




Cloudyn debuts cloud chargeback software Tweet This

April 8, 2014

Cloudyn, a cloud monitoring and optimization vendor, announced on Tuesday Cloudyn Enterprise Chargeback Edition, a software-as-a-service application that lets companies map their cloud costs to deployments at the departmental level. It gives insight into cloud usage and allows cost allocation and chargeback activities. Specifically it supports Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Enterprise Chargeback Edition is free for a limited time at

PanTerra Networks enhances file sharing service Tweet This

April 09, 2014

PanTerra Networks has enhanced its SmartBox file sharing service to include the import and management of Google, Outlook, Yahoo and *.csv contacts and to allow users to act on specific fields such as making a call.

Contacts are then available to users via the SmartBox interface. A search function is enabled that only requires a few characters of the contact information to find it.