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Object storage, Caringo, Swarm Tweet This

September 28, 2016

Druva on Wednesday announced that it has received $51 million in funding for is cloud and end-point data protection platform from Sequoia India, EDBI, Blue Cloud Ventures, Hercules Capital, NTT Finance, Nexus Venture Partners and Tenaya Capital.

This funding round brings Druva’s total capital raised to $118 million.

Why Should You Care: Protecting data wherever it is – whether on mobile devices, server infrastructure or cloud-native applications – and backing it up to whatever location – on-premises, off-site or cloud — is paramount for any company.


Caringo nabs more funding Tweet This

September 29, 2016

Caringo on Thursday announced that it has received an additional $8.8 million in Round B funding from New Science Ventures and advantage Capital Partners. This round brings Caringo’s total funding to $18.8 million.

Why Should You Care: Investors in object storage are weighing in as companies such as Amplidata, CleverSafe and InkTank, have been acquired and rolled into the acquiring company’s core storage portfolio, and as market adoption of object storage is picking up. Look for more acquisitions and increased validation of object storage.



DataON rolls out hyper-converged infrastructure appliance Tweet This

September 27, 2016

DataON on Tuesday announced the Hyper-Converged Cluster Appliances (HCCA) that work with Microsoft Hyper-V and other Microsoft products. The S2D-3000 family consists of the S2D-3100 and DataON’s MUST (Management Utility Software Tools Visibility and Management Framework.

The S2D-3110 uses the DataON ClusterBlock Architecture, which provides infrastructure and management services for Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica. Preconfigured as a minimum of 4-nodes in an HCCA Cluster, the S2D-3110 proves as mucy as 2.4 million IOPS and uses all-flash NVMe. Each HCCA can support as many as 40 virtual machines per node and also provides support for SMB 3.0 over RDMA.

The HCCA can be expanded in capacity via 12G SAS JBODS.

The new DataON S2D-3110 HCCA and MUST Management Visibility Framework is available now.

Why Should You Care: The hyper-converged infrastructure market is growing and DataOn has announced their new solution.  They call the solution ‘scale-out,’ but looking at the details, we also see it being called ‘clustered.’ There is a difference.  A clustered solution is general limited by the number of nodes it can manage and the communication is more tightly coupled, which can yield better performance.  Depending on what you need in the datacenter, be aware if you need a scale-out or a clustered solution and do not confuse the two.

Iguazio launches data cloud Tweet This

September 27, 2016

iquazio on Tuesday launched the Enterprise Data Cloud platform for big data, IoT and cloud-native applications. In the new platform, four appliances can store as much as 10PB per rack at costs starting at $0.03/GB/month. The platform according to iquazio’s claims delivers 10 million transactions per second and 50GBps throughput with sub 100 millisecond latency when used in streaming, NoSQL, file or object environments.

Using the Enterprise Data Cloud, stateless cloud-native apps provision data in seconds and consume it through standard APIs. Developers and business units share data, search and monitor and provision data lifecycles through abstract policies with multi-layered, role-based access control.

The iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud is expected to be available in Q2 2017.

Why Should You Care: There are more and more announcements about cloud platforms becoming a ‘thing.’  Ignazio’s ‘thing’ shows real value which a lot of cloud platforms are yet to do, and has the ability to connect modern applications, such as analytics, IoT and native cloud applications to enterprise data.  The average datacenter has large enterprise storage infrastructures that store active data that these modern applications need access to in order to be more efficient.



Datera enhances Elastic Data Fabric platform Tweet This

September 27, 2016

Datera on Tuesday announced enhancements to its Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 platform, which include VMware Ready for Storage with VAAI certification and integration with VMware vCenter for provisioning and vRealize for cloud scaling.

The company also integrated its platform with Mesosphere DC/OS, allowing scalability and provisioning for container-based cloud deployments. It also now supports Dell PowerEdge servers.

Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 also includes support for all-flash nodes, support for CloudStack and CloudPlatform, increased scalability of up to 50 nodes and a total of five petabytes, data compression, at-rest encryption and roles-based access control.

Further Datera is available as a rack-ready storage appliance, on a perpetual software license, or on pay-as-you go OPEX model.

Why Should You Care: Datera offering scalability with pay as you grow but shrink-as-you need storage requirements when necessary is useful in dynamic operations for DevOps and other environments where constant resources aren’t always needed.


SoftNAS receives storage sync, replication patent Tweet This

September 26, 2016

SoftNAS on Monday announced that it has received a patent for its storage synchronization and replication solution.

The patent states: “A system of replicating data stored on a source node. Replication can be configured between two controllers, the source node on the one hand, and a target node on the other. A synchronization relationship between the source node and the target node is established and maintained. The synchronization relationship can be quickly and easily created for disaster recovery, real-time backup and failover, thereby ensuring that data on the source node is fully-protected at an offsite location or on another server or VM, for example, at another data center, a different building or elsewhere in the cloud. Processes described herein streamline the entire replication setup process, thereby significantly reducing error rates in conventional systems and making the replication process more user-friendly than in conventional systems.”

The patent covers SoftNAS’ SnapReplication capability, which is part of SoftNAS Cloud.

Why Should You Care: SoftNAS finally got a patent for their synchronization and replication solution, which is important for archival and data protection purposes as more businesses move their data from on-premises data centers into the cloud.

Amium content collaboration integrates with Office Online Tweet This

September 20, 2016

AeroFS last week announced that its Amium content-based collaboration platform now is integrated with Micrsoft Office Online. With Amium, users can create, open, view and edit Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel documents within Amium in real-time fashion to allow viewing of what has changed.

Amium turns any file into a real-time activity feed and conversation. It unifies file synchronization and sharing, team messaging and associated collaboration activities in a cloud-based solution.

Amium also includes integrations with many other popular workplace products, including HelloSign, Stripe, GitHub, PagerDuty, Jira and more.

Why Should You Care: SSG-NOW has been using Amium for a limited time, but has found it to be an easy-to-use SaaS package for collaborating on documents and spreadsheets. The fact that it is combined with messaging capability makes the product much easier to adopt in organizations of all kinds.



Earl Follis

Earl Follis
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Logan Harbaugh
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