August 9, 2016

Nimbus Data on Tuesday announced the ExaFlash all-flash arrays, designed for cloud, Big Data, virtualization and media and entertainment.

The ExaFlash Platform decouples metadata from data flow and management is centralized operating out-of-band. It supports block, file and object and storage connects to servers using Ethernet, Fibre Channel or InfiniBand.

The system is comprised of ExaFlash Arrays that are purpose-built for efficiency and performance. They incorporate MLC flash drives and are available in three sizes ranging from 50TB to 4.5PB in 2u to 4u rack configurations.

Further, the ExaFlash Arrays feature 32Gb Fibre Channel, 100GbE and EDR 100Gb InfiniBand connectivity. Each array features dual-active controllers, redundant power and cooling and hot-swappable components.

The ExaFlash Arrays are combined with the ExaFlash Operating System, an API driven management platform. Using the API, storage admins can automate tasks centrally, Inline variable length deduplication and LZ4 compression are available.

ExaFlash is expected to be available in Q4 2016.




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