September 27, 2016

Datera on Tuesday announced enhancements to its Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 platform, which include VMware Ready for Storage with VAAI certification and integration with VMware vCenter for provisioning and vRealize for cloud scaling.

The company also integrated its platform with Mesosphere DC/OS, allowing scalability and provisioning for container-based cloud deployments. It also now supports Dell PowerEdge servers.

Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 also includes support for all-flash nodes, support for CloudStack and CloudPlatform, increased scalability of up to 50 nodes and a total of five petabytes, data compression, at-rest encryption and roles-based access control.

Further Datera is available as a rack-ready storage appliance, on a perpetual software license, or on pay-as-you go OPEX model.

Why Should You Care: Datera offering scalability with pay as you grow but shrink-as-you need storage requirements when necessary is useful in dynamic operations for DevOps and other environments where constant resources aren’t always needed.


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