April 3, 2017

Microsemi, a semiconductor solutions provider, on Tuesday announced two new storage I/O controllers, the SmartROC 3100 and SMartIOC 2100. Each controller is powered by Microsemi’s Unified Smart Storage Stack, which now offers controller-based encryption and data protection support.

Microsemi’s controllers can be used in any server storage application with 12 Gbps SAS or 6 Gbps SATA hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs).

They feature these enhancements:

  • A common firmware and software stack across all products
  • Density optimization, with variants available in 8-, 16- and 24-port configurations for 12Gbps SAS and 6Gbps SATA
  • Two additional dedicated boot drive ports available
  • Support for 6Gbps SATA and 12Gbps SAS SSDs for performance applications and SAS or SATA Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drives for cold storage applications
  • A PCIe Gen 3 x8 host interface compliant to base specification 3.1
  • Enhanced hardware acceleration for RAID 0/1/10/5/6/50/60
  • maxCrypto data-at-rest controller based encryption engines
  • Significant integration of green backup components for footprint and bill of materials cost reduction

The SmartRoC 3100 and SmartIOC 2100 controllers are available now. Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID, Microsemi Adaptec SmartHBA and Microsemi Adaptec HBA families of adapters are expected to be available in June.

Why Should You Care: This is a bigger, better and faster announcement for new controllers that will power faster, more sucure host bus adapters.



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