At the time of buying android device, you thought 8GB or 16 GB of internal space should be good enough, but in reality it’s insufficient. There is a lot that gets stored on the device. 

Moreover out of the 8 GB internal storage that you get, as high as 4 Gb gets consumed into system data, what you get to use is only half of it, which is 4 GB Most users start thinking about this space out issue, only when they see the draconian error,d device is left with no space, so the new app is not getting installed.

First of all you should know how much internal space is available on your device, for that go to Settings, scroll down, you will see storage, In my device has 77 GB of internal storage is available for use. First thing you should do is uninstall the apps that you don’t use. For that go to Settings, scroll down and you will see apps,s scroll towards the right, these are all the apps on my device. Since i am not using this app regularly, to uninstall it tap on it and simply uninstall.

Uninstallation of apps that you don’t need, will free up a decent amount of memory space. Second thing that you should do is clear cache for that under the same all apps section identify the apps that you use more, for example i use lot of browser chrome, open it and clear cache from here. Like in this case this will clear 197 MB of space, you can open apps like facebook, browser , maps, instagram or any other app that you frequently use and clear cache. To ease up this process of junk file clean up, i will suggest you to use an app called clean master I have already installed it on my system, clean master shortens the process of junk file identification and clean up.

Through a single tap i can make space almost as high as 248 GB on the device. This process of clean up is completely safe, it doesn’t delete anything from the app. All that may happen is that you may have to login in case of few apps. Third thing you should do is – Delete the not needed videos or images from the device, for that you can go to Gallery section, select the video files that you don’t need and then simply delete them from the device.

Similarly go ahead and delete the whatsapp images or instagram images, they are occupying great amount of memory space on the device. You can perform similar action from file manager as well. I would also suggest you to transfer your important videos or images to SD card of your device, so that your internal memory frees up. Fourth thing that i would suggest you to do is, change the storage location from internal memory to SD card. You should do it for apps like – camera, shareit, downloads from default browser, which is internet.

I will show you how to do it for shareit. Here it is, Go to settings, simply tap on storage location and move it from internal to SD card, similarly you can do it for camera and default browser, so next time you record a video on your device, or get some stuff from shareit it will store on microsd card and not on internal storage. Fifth thing that i am going to suggest is going to be very useful for people,who do lot of media exchange on whatsapp or any other similar chat. Open whatsapp, i have already got it, tap on these 3 dots on the top right.

Go to settings, go to data usage, if you are hard pressed on internal storage, i will suggest you to uncheck this as well, video auto download should not happen when connected on wifi, in my case it is checked, unchecking all, ok. With this action auto download of media will not happen Internal storage will only be used for videos or images that you actually download I am sure these 5 tips should help you fix internal storage issue on android device.