So I have been purchasing these WD or Western Digital external hard drives for a while now Initially. I started out with this one terabyte external hard drive .I really love it I love how small and compact it is but you know it didn’t take very long with all the videos that we started filming to run out of space.

I love them I’m sure that there’s probably better things out there but to be honest, I love Costco, it’s really convenient for me and so that’s how I always get these. The thing is, the ones you buy at Costco aren’t always immediately compatible with your Mac. Usually it requires some reformatting. Thankfully, it’s actually really easy and so, I’m just going to get started.

If you have any files already stored on your external hard drive you’d better back them up, transfer them somewhere else because otherwise, they are going to be gone. Cause everything on here is going to be erased Let’s get down to business here. So, I’m just going to plug it into my computer here If you haven’t reformatted it yet, there’s a chance that it may not show up, but don’t panic, all you’ve gotta do is go to the little search icon up here and type in disk utility.

I’ve already typed it in so it remembers it. Press enter and you’re going to see everything in internal here, don’t touch it. And then here you’re going to see all your external stuff. So, I have a couple of these passports as you can see this is my older one that it remembers here, one terabyte, I don’t need to worry about that. This is the one that has been plugged in.

So, you can see that it’s got this secondary thing here, but we want to concentrate on this one. So all we’re going to do is we’re going to go to erase, ah, I’m going to do it to Mac OS Extended Journaled. Now this is only going to make it compatible with our Mac. If I want it to be compatible with my PC as well, I’m going to have to change that to ExFAT. Now I have had problems, and this may not happen to all of you, but sometimes I want to format it to ExFAT but in order to do that, for some reason I need to format it first to Mac OS Extended and then after I’ve done that, reformat it to ExFAT.

So I’m going to reformat it just for Macs for this so here we are, I’m going to press erase. And it’s working away Mounting disk Ta-Dah! You know that it’s worked because now all of a sudden it’s saying do you want to use untitled 4 terabyte to back up with time machine? Well, it’s up to you. Definitely want to make sure that you have backed up.

I like to keep it separate usually so I’m not going to do that but I’ll let you decide If you want to use this one four terabyte buddy here to do a time machine backup as well as store some files, you’re going to have to partition it first.

Just make sure that when you are ejecting that you eject properly and don’t just unplug because that can also cause problems. So, eject, good. That’s how it’s done guys.