Thumb drives are great because they come in usually a size you can fit on a key chain so you can take them with you and your data is portable. 

Flash drives range in size from this smallest around 3264 megabytes or 1 to 2 gigabytes depending on the manufacturer and model. Most thumb drives have a casing over the connection end. This is important because it helps the thumb drive stay clean and the connection doesn’t get eroded and damaged. When plugging your flash drive into your computer’s USB ports, you should look for a little three prong symbol. This is the USB standard symbol and it means this port will accept any USB compliant device.

When you plug in your USB device, if at first your device doesn’t plug in properly and it doesn’t feel like it is going to fit, don’t try and force it. You could damage the device Instead try turning it the other way and see if it will plug in. The green light indicates that the device has been found and recognized by the system and it is ready for use.