Freeing up space on your Xbox One is easy! And you can still keep all your games on hand with an external hard drive. 

Here’s how. On the Home screen, navigate to the My Games and Apps button and hit A. In the Games tab, select a game you want to move I’m moving Battle Islands Press the Menu button on the controller.

Then on the pop up window, select and click on Manage Game On this screen, you can choose to copy the game to the hard drive which will still leave the original file on the internal drive or you can select Move All Using Move All will put the game to the external drive and delete it from the internal storage. So I want to move the game so I’m going to click A on Move All On the next screen select Move to confirm you want to move the game.

You can see the progress on the screen and the time it takes depends on the size of the game. When it’s done, you can see that Battle Islands is now on the external drive. You can also move games from the external drive to internal storage on the Xbox Just select Move All or Copy depending on your preference. Here I’ll confirm the action and it’ll start.

Again, you can see the progress of the game transfer. And now the game is back on the internal drive In case you’re curious, I’m using a Silicon Power Armor A60 USB 3 hard drive as my external drive. The one and two terabyte models are under a hundred dollars but you can get it up to 5TB capacity. Just scroll down to the video description to see the most up-to-date prices on this hard drive.