Today, we’re going to remove the internal hard drive from a Seagate backup Plus 5TB external drive. After you shuck the drive from its case, you can use it as an internal SATA hard drive.

The tools we’ll use are a Phillips head screwdriver and a small Swiss Army knife. It has a two-year warranty, but you’ll be voiding the warranty by taking out the internal drive. You’ll want to make sure to perform a surface test on the drive before you open the case. The case design reminds me of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odysseyexcept for the bottom part which is blue.

The faces are shiny black, and the corners are really sharp – literally, really sharp – so be careful handling it It looks hermetically sealed, but it’s fairly easy to open once you get a foothold in the seam between the black enclosure and the blue base part. First, you’ll need to force a wedge between the two parts of the case. Start at the edge closest to the USB and power ports, and feel for an opening with the blade. Just be extremely careful when handling the knife – I don’t watch your hands to slip and cut yourself.

Once you have the blade wedged in, force the long side of the blade into the edge and pry it open. The retaining clips will become undone, and you’ll see the edge lift out. Work around all four edges while lifting the blue piece with your other hand. Once you have the blue lid off, you should see the retaining clips remain intact on all four sides, so you can reuse this enclosure in the future for any 35″ SATA drive.

Now you’ll see a silver monolith sitting within the black monolith You will want to slowly pull it out with your hands. There will be some friction because there are some rubber pieces holding the silver housing in place. In fact, some of the rubber pieces may fall out while you pull. Let’s set aside the black enclosure.

If they haven’t fallen off yet, you’ll want to remove the four rubber shock bumpers off the sides of the drive, which expose the large Phillips head screw heads that are affixed to the sides. We’ll use our screwdriver to take those off Finally, take your hands and press against the label of the disk. Using friction, slide the drive out of the silver housing like this. And there you go – a shiny internal SATA drive that you can use in your desktop PC.

Let’s take a closer look at the label. This is a Seagate 5TB drive, and it happens to be a shingled magnetic recording (or SMR) drive. Your mileage may vary, since I’m sure Seagate is free to place any drive that it wants in its external hard drives, as long as it meets the specs.